District Court Rules

Blackhall's Court Rules and Forms of Ireland are now updated to 15 November 2022



1. (1) Save as otherwise provided by Statute or these Rules, the official attire to be worn by the Judges during the sittings of the Court shall be as follows:

(a) a black coat and gown of uniform nature and material and white bands or

(b) a black gown of uniform nature and material with sleeves bearing blue double ribbon banding and a single white neck tab or white bands.

(2) A Judge appointed to the Court after the coming into operation of sub-rule (1) and this sub-rule shall wear the official attire specified in paragraph (b) of sub-rule (1).

2. A Judge, when hearing and determining such proceedings as are referred to in section 45(1) of the Judicial Separation and Family Law Reform Act, 1989 (No 6 of 1989) or proceedings involving a child shall not be required to wear either such gown but shall during the sittings of the Court wear white bands or a single white neck tab and dark attire.

[SI 77/17]

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