Circuit Court Rules

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Fines (Payment and Recovery)

1.(1) The County Registrar or (as the case may be) the combined court office manager may at any time after the due date for payment of any fine:

(a) imposed by the Court on appeal from the District Court, or

(b) imposed by the Court otherwise than on appeal,

issue a notice by ordinary prepaid post for the purposes of section 7(4) of the Fines (Payment and Recovery) Act, 2014 requiring a fined person who has not paid the fine (or, as the case may be, a relevant instalment) by the due date for payment in accordance with that Act to appear before the Court at a date and time specified in the notice.

(2) The statement in writing of the financial circumstances of the fined person shall be in the Form 55 in the Schedule of Forms.

[SI 379/18]

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