Superior Court Forms

Blackhall's Court Rules and Forms of Ireland are now updated to 1 July 2022

Appendix M: Winding up of Companies

No 1: Title of Proceedings
 11.14 KB
No 2: Petition (General Form)
 13.95 KB
No 3: Petition by Unpaid Creditor on Simple Contract Debt
 14.57 KB
No 4: Petition for Order where the Powers of the Directors are being Exercised in a Manner Oppressive to a Member
 14.95 KB
No 5: Advertisement of Petition
 12.24 KB
No 6: Affidavit Verifying Petition
 11.54 KB
No 7: Affidavit Verifying Petition of a Company
 11.29 KB
No 8: Notice of Intention to Appear on Petition
 11.25 KB
No 9: List of Parties Attending the Hearing of a Petition
 11.96 KB
No 10: Order for Winding up by the Court
 12.03 KB
No 11: Advertisement of Order to Wind up
 11.18 KB
No 12: Order Appointing a Liquidator
 11.58 KB
No 13: Statement of Affairs
 28.81 KB
No 14: Notice to Creditors of First Meeting
 11.6 KB
No 15: Notice of Meeting of Creditors Directed by the Court
 11.62 KB
No 16: Notice of Meeting of Contributories Directed by the Court
 11.88 KB
No 17: Chairman’s List of Persons Attending and Report of Result of Meeting
 14.44 KB
No 18: General Proxy
 11.71 KB
No 19: Special Proxy
 12.34 KB
No 20: Disclaimer of Lease
 11.31 KB
No 21: Notice of Disclaimer of Lease
 11.44 KB
No 22: Affidavit in Support of List of Contributories
 11.48 KB
No 23: List of Contributories Referred to in Form No 22
 12.19 KB
No 24: Notice of Motion for Call
 11.36 KB
No 25: Affidavit of Liquidator in Support of Application for a Call
 11.93 KB
No 26: Advertisement of Intended Call
 11.3 KB
No 27: Notice to be Served with the General Order for a Call
 11.55 KB
No 28: Notice as to Mode of Payment
 11.19 KB
No 29: Affidavit of Non-Payment
 12.49 KB
No 30: Advertisement for Creditors
 11.56 KB
No 31: Invitation to Lodge a Claim
 12.46 KB
No 32: Invitation to Lodge a Claim
 15.43 KB
No 33: Notice to Creditor of Allowance of Debt
 11.23 KB
No 34: Notice to Creditors to Come in and Prove their Debts.
 11.43 KB
No 35: Affidavit of Creditor in Proof of Debt
 11.57 KB
No 36: Proof of Debt of Employees
 12.02 KB
No 37: Authority to Liquidator to Pay Dividends to Another Person
 11.49 KB
No 38: Request by Liquidator for Investment of Funds
 11.29 KB
No 39: Liquidator's Statement of Accounts
 18.27 KB
No 40: Liquidator's Affidavit Verifying his Account Under Section 681
 12.04 KB
No 41: Declaration of Solvency
 14.05 KB
No 41A: Report
 11.94 KB
No 42: Statement of Assets and Liabilities
 17.39 KB
No 43: Liquidator's Statement of Account (Members or Creditors Voluntary Winding Up)
 15.48 KB
No 44: Return of Final Winding Up Meeting
 11.57 KB
No 45: Return of Final Winding Up Meetings
 11.34 KB
No 46: Affidavit Verifying an Application for Certification of Liquidator in a Creditors’ Voluntary Winding Up
 11.51 KB
No 47: Certification of Liquidator
 11.5 KB
No 48: Originating Notice of Motion
 12.06 KB
No 49: Affidavit
 12.32 KB
No 50: Appearance
 11.67 KB
No 51: Notice of Removal of Liquidator
 11.31 KB
No 52: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s) Following Removal of Previous Liquidator
 11.34 KB
No 53: Notice of Annulment of Winding Up
 12.75 KB
No 54: Liquidator’s Report Under Section 682 of the Companies Act 2014
 17.96 KB
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