District Court Forms

Schedule C: Forms in Civil Proceedings

No 12B1: Notice Of Application For Access To A Record Of Proceedings Held By Or For The Court
 11.72 KB
No 39.01: Notice Of Intention To Proceed
 11.76 KB
No 39.02: Notice Of Listing Of Proceedings
 11.93 KB
No 39.03: Declaration As To Compliance With Section *14 *15 Of The Mediation Act 2017
 13.46 KB
No 40.01: Claim Notice: General Damages Not Exceeding €15,000
 18.02 KB
No 40.02: Claim Notice: Debt Claim Not Exceeding €15,000
 17.9 KB
No 40.03: Consent
 12.46 KB
No 40A.01: Personal Injuries Summons
 17.76 KB
No 40A.02: Personal Injuries Defence
 16.4 KB
No 40A.03: Personal Injuries Counterclaim
 13.11 KB
No 40A.04: Verifying Affidavit
 13.5 KB
No 40A.05: Notice Of Motion (Personal Injuries Action)
 12.92 KB
No 40A.06: Notice As To Terms
 11.91 KB
No 40A.07: Notice Of Application For Approval Of Injuries Board Assessment
 12.38 KB
No 40A.08: Notice Of Application By Assessors
 12.74 KB
No 40B.01: Landlord And Tenant Claim Notice: Recovery Of Possession Of Premises
 18.64 KB
No 40C.01: Notice Of Statutory Application
 14.72 KB
No 40D.01: Notice Of Appeal To District Court
 14.39 KB
No 40D.02: Notice Of Appeal To District Court: Mental Health Act 2001, Section 65(1)
 14.45 KB
No 40E.01: Summons Issued By A Clerk In A Matter Other Than A Criminal Matter
 12.24 KB
No 40F.01: Notice of Application for Order for delivery up
 14.37 KB
No 40F.02: Order for Delivery Up
 14.94 KB
No 40F.03: Notice of Application for Erasure/Forfeiture/ Disposal
 14.3 KB
No 40F.04: Order for Erasure/Forfeiture/ Disposal
 14.9 KB
No 41.01: Statutory Declaration Of Service Of A Document By Registered Post
 14.46 KB
No 41.02: Declaration As To Service By Ordinary Post
 13.84 KB
No 41.03: Statutory Declaration As To Personal Service
 13.38 KB
No 41B.01: Notice Of Commencement Of Proceedings
 14.44 KB
No 41B.02: Certificate As To Jurisdiction
 15.63 KB
No 41B.03: Certificate As To Judgment
 13.7 KB
No 41B.04: Certificate That A Judgment Is Enforceable
 12.86 KB
No 41B.05: Notice Of Registration
 13.59 KB
No 41B.06: Notice Of Registration
 13.41 KB
No 41B.07: Certificate Of Arrears
 12.59 KB
No 41B.08: Summons To Vary Or Revoke A Maintenance Order
 12.94 KB
No 41B.09: Notice Of Application For Enforcement
 12.6 KB
No 41B.10: Notice Of Application For The Recovery Of Maintenance
 12.84 KB
No 41B.11: Deposition Of Respondent
 12.01 KB
No 41B.12: Deposition Of Claimant
 12.51 KB
No 41B.13: Certificate - Maintenance Act 1994, Section 15(3)(B)
 12.71 KB
No 41B.14: Notice That Evidence Will Be Taken - Maintenance Act 1994, Section 19(3)
 12.64 KB
No 41B.15: Deposition - Maintenance Act 1994, Section 19(4)
 12.17 KB
No 41B.16: Notice Of Application For An Order To Provide Information
 13.04 KB
No 41B.17: Notice Of Application For Order - Protection Of Children (Hague Convention) Act 2000
 14.69 KB
No 41B.18: Notice Of Application To Vary Or Revoke An Order - Protection Of Children (Hague Convention) Act 2000
 12.78 KB
No 41B.19: Certificate - Protection Of Children (Hague Convention) Act 2000
 13.28 KB
No 42.01: Appearance And Defence: General
 18.07 KB
No 42.02: Notice Of Appearance And Intention To Defend A Claim Notice Or Civil Summons Served Outside Ireland Which Requires An Appearance
 13.21 KB
No 42.03: Appearance And Defence: Debt Claim
 17.49 KB
No 42.04: Notice Of Change / Appointment Of Solicitor
 12.9 KB
No 42.05: Notice Of Discharge Of Solicitor
 12.82 KB
No 42.06: Notice Requiring Copy Documents
 12.85 KB
No 42.07: Notice Requiring Further Particulars
 12.82 KB
No 42.08: Statement Of Counterclaim
 14.9 KB
No 42A.01: Third Party Notice (Indemnity Or Contribution)
 13.08 KB
No 42A.02: Third Party Notice (Issue)
 13.34 KB
No 42A.03: Notice Of Indemnity, Contribution Or Issue Against A Party
 12.89 KB
No 43.01: Authorisation By Next Friend Or Guardian Ad Litem Of A Minor
 13.13 KB
No 43.02: Notice Of Motion For Direction Under Civil Liability Act 1961, Section 63(1)
 13.42 KB
No 43.03: Notice Of Motion For An Interim Payment From Money Secured Or Invested For The Benefit Of A Child
 13.64 KB
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